Selecting Your Crystal

Choosing a crystal is a highly person experience.  It can be both a daunting and a rewarding experience.  There is no right or wrong way to choose your crystals.  The crystal selected is not necessarilyt the most beautiful or perfect of the choices, but as with humans beauty is only skin deep.  You may be drawn to a particular crystal for reasons you can’t explain – this is the crystal choosing you.

People can have a range of experiences in finding the right crystal.  These can include:

  • Heat or cold coming from the crystal
  • pulsing or a vibration emanating from the crystal
  • A sense of love or heart felt warmth
  • A rush of excitement
  • Shivers, that ‘someone has just walked over a grave’ feeling
  • Light headedness
  • Happiness
  • It may literally leap out at you.

Below are some ways you might decide:

  1. A crystal that catches your eye, it immediately jumps out at you and stands out above all others.
  2. A crystal that just feels  right.
  3. Intuition, picking up a crystal and just ‘knowing’ that is the right one for you
  4. Close your eyes and hover your hand over the crystals, relax and breath deeply.  Move your hand slowly over the group.  Stop when you feel a change and pick up that crystal.  Now open your eyes!
  5. By use – you may seek out a specific type crystal for a specific use or Chakra.
  6. Use a pendulum to select the correct crystal.  This is a simple yet highly acurate way of selecting crystals.  Be clear in the question/instructions to the pendulum.

Choosing a Crystal from a Website

Firstly a feeling of trust for the online retailer and the store is a must!  It is important that the crystals are of a guaranteed quality.

  • Try using the methods above.
  • Using a book on crystals – let the book flop open.  The page it opens on is the type of crystal to look for.
  • Clear your mind and let the name of the crystal come to you.